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WANDERLUST is a feminine collection created for brave, wild at heart women who delight in discovering the unknown, following the depths of true desires, for women who are fully committed to life, following their own path. Anna Kara is known for combining design with utility, thanks to which the bride can freely dance barefoot until the wee hours of the morning. Dresses made of natural, luxurious fabrics and traditional craft techniques. Each piece is embedded with attention to detail, embellishing with delicate laces, featherweight chiffons and textured embroidery on contemporary romantic patterns.

BLUE MOON Fascinating and varied like the phases of the moon flowing through the celestial sky, the new Anna Kara collection sheds light on the magic and mystery that comes from seemingly different shapes, complementing each other in an otherworldly dance. But sometimes something unique and unlike any other appears - Blue Moon. Starting with minimalist, exquisitely cut feminine silhouettes, blooming into delicate laces and flowing wares, the collection culminates in decadent sequin embroideries and featherweight silks to complete its journey with timeless multi-occasion designs that women can wear beyond their wedding day.

The price range of the 2023 collection is PLN 5,800-7,950.

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