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Anna Kara designs are bridal fashion at its best, bold and strong, and delicate and sensual at the same time. Anna Kara proudly enters 2024 with two collections: the romantic „Atlantis” and the timeless „Eclipse”. The newest offer contains over 30 dresses, including several short, modern styles, a bold set of trousers and a shirt and a selection of original veils.

“Atlantis” is an exquisitely feminine collection designed for the brave souls who dare to follow their dreams and desires. An ode to women who grasp life with open arms, gracefully traversing their unique, authentic paths, in love with the beauty, delicacy and lightness of existence. As fleeting as Atlantis. The praise of an exceptional craftsmanship, the noblest materials, lace and embroidery.

As hypnotizing and fascinating as eclipse, the selection of timeless and classic Anna Kara gowns holds one’s gaze in the way that it becomes impossible to look away.

“Eclipse” collection reflects the magic and mystery of supreme tailoring, sublime shapes and precious materials.

Anna Kara shot her latest collection in the charming landscapes of Sicily and on the coast of the nearby Aegadian Islands. The gowns looked fabulous in the chambers of the historic Villa Palagonia in the suburbs of Palermo and in the secret corners of its lush garden. Spanish actress and model, Cecilia Gomez highlighted the designs with her undoubted charm and southern temperament.

The price range of the 2024 collection is PLN 6,800-8,500.

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