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Collection DAYDREAMING is a breath of lightness and optimism in the form of airy tulle, silk chiffons and delicate lace. Wide, spectacular sleeves, capes and flowing sashes bring to mind an airy, mysterious world. These days, we all yearn for freedom, we struggle with the imposed hiatus that has put our plans and dreams on hold. However, we cannot give up and make the best use of the reality we live in. This positive attitude was the inspiration for the Daydreaming line in our 2022 collection. We have learned to adapt to dynamic changes, which in the collection is reflected in designs that allow personalization and create a variety of styles. Accessories such as hoods, sashes or sleeves give the dress more than one character, and the bride will easily transform a classic dress into an extravagant outfit during the wedding ceremony. It is a response to the needs of modern girls who value flexibility and comfort above all else, and this is what Anna Kara has to offer.

SHAPE OF YOU is a minimalist line of the 2022 collection, which focuses on expressive form and breaking conventions. Fashionable designs have a very bold character that allows the personality of the bride to shine. Through dresses from the Shape of You line, they emphasize their individual style and reveal naturalness and beauty. This line is based on smooth silks that hug the silhouette and crepes that perfectly emphasize the figure. It also features oriental motifs such as cuts, kimonos, ruffles and wide waist sashes. It surprises with plenty of eye-catching elements, such as huge balloon sleeves, oversize cuts or bold slits on the legs. These dresses give many interpretations - it all depends on the accessories you choose. Some of the designs from the Shape of You collection, refreshed with new additions, will also be  the perfect choice for occasions other than weddings. This is a challenge for true fashion enthusiasts. Thanks to the variety of styles, the dresses can be worn indefinitely.


The price range of the 2022 collection is PLN 5,850-8,150.

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